How to Fix Bitdefender 2018 Installation Error

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To know how to fix Bitdefender 2018 installation setup error read this blog post that provides the complete solution for Bitdefender 2018 installation. Bitdefender users looking for help to install this antivirus or solve the installation related various issues can get the assured online solution here with stepwise guidance by experts and online assistance by them. To know how to fix Bitdefender 2018 setup error follow the steps given below.


Steps to Fix Bitdefender 2018 Installation Setup Error:

Step 1: Remove all the older versions of Bitdefender from system.

Step 2: Also delete any other internet security software from the system.

Step 3: Now reboot the computer and reinstall Bitdefender from Central again.

Step 4: If installation setup error comes again follow the next step.

Step 5: Use Microsoft System File Checker tool (sfc) to repair corrupted files.

Step 6: Run the disk tool to check integrity of disks to find the common errors.

Step 7: Now perform the Windows updates after checking for the updating.

Step 8: Here you need to manually add permissions to the Bitdefender installation folders.


Step 9: Now restart the computer and install Bitdefender from Central Account.

All these steps are enough to Bitdefender installation problem and solve setup issues. However, if problem is not getting solved or Bitdefender installation setup error is not getting fixed, then calls at Bitdefender antivirus support number 1-877-240-5577 is also open right here to check the actual problem and fix the error code. Bitdefender online help service is always accessible right here to diagnosis and fix the antivirus related various other issues on Windows or Mac computers.



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