How to Change Firewall Settings in Bitdefender 2018

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This is dedicated blog post to know how to change firewall settings in Bitdefender 2018. Actually, when firewall creates problem while using the Bitdefender antivirus, then firewall setting need to be changed to avoid such issues and allow Bitdefender work without any issue. And there are several rules to change the firewall setting on Bitdefender protected computer systems. So, find here the right steps to change firewall settings in Bitdefender 2018.


Steps to Change Bitdefender Firewall Settings:

Step 1: Open the protection icon of the Bitdefender antivirus.

Step 2: Now click on the VIEW FEATURES option.

Step 3: Select the settings icon of the FIREWALL module and click Rules tab.

Step 4: Now to to add an application rule need to hit over the ADD RULE button.

Step 5: A new window will appear you need to choose if the rule will apply to all applications or not.


Step 6: Now click the switch situated in the upper section of the window and then hit over the Browse and select the .exe file of the application.

Step 7: Select here one of the available permissions as Allow, Deny or select the Network Type the rule will apply to.


Step 8: Now the next step will be to select the IP Protocol the rule will apply to.

Step 9: finally select the traffic direction the rule will apply to as Outbound, Inbound and Both.


These are the simple and right procedure how to change bitdefender firewall rules. However, if there is any problem, users can call 1-877-240-5577 at Bitdefender antivirus support number and get online assistance by experts to check the settings and fix the firewall related various issues. This online help service is also available for solving the Bitdefender antivirus users to help them in scanning issues and other technical errors comes due to Bitdefender antivirus software.


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