How to Add a Firewall Rule in Bitdefender?

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This is a blog post to know how to add a firewall rule in Bitdefender 2018-19 without facing any issue. It is explaining with right methods to be followed for Bitdefender firewall settings with stepwise guidance to configure the firewall rule in Bitdefender 2018-19 antivirus installed PC. The entire blog post is also helpful is solving the firewall related issues with Bitdefender 2018-19. And if there is any issue, online assistance is also available here to solve such issues remotely.


Steps to Add Firewall Rule in Bitdefender 2018-19:

Step 1: Click on protection icon given on the left sidebar of Bitdefender interface.


Step 2: Now you have to click on the VIEW FEATURES.

Step 3: Press here on settings tab from the corner FIREWALL module.

Step 4: Now click rules tab and add an application rule.

Step 5: Here you have to hit on the ADD RULE button and a new window will be displayed.


Step 6: Now you have to browse and select the .exe file of the application.

Step 7: Select here one of the available Permissions as Allow or Deny.

Step 8: Now select the Network Type the rule will apply from Any, Home/Office, or Public.


Step 9: Finally select the IP Protocol and then finally select the traffic direction the rule.

These are the more helpful steps to add the firewall rule in Bitdefender 2019 and it will also help you to avoid firewall related any kind of technical issues while using the Bitdefender 2019 antivirus software. To fix such issues with the help of experts call at Bitdefender antivirus support number 1-877-240-5577 and allow the remote access for getting quick solution at low cost.



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